Licensed Chiropractic Physician 

Dr. Larry J. Liddle, D.C., has been a licensed chiropractic physician in the state of Florida for more than forty years.  He brings a vast array of experience within the medical and wellness sectors to the community of Edgewater and Volusia County since 1986.  Prior to moving to Edgewater, Dr. Liddle's practice was headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. 

Dr. Liddle is a 1975 graduate of the National University of Health Sciences (National College of Chiropractic) in Lombard, Illinois.  

Why National?
National University of Health Sciences is one of the oldest and most prestigious accredited academic institutions for Chiropractic founded in 1906. National University has been consistently ranked in the top three of chiropractic college institutions and is highly regarded as one of the premier learning institutions for chiropractic sciences.  

Our Commitment: A Patient-Centered Approach...
Dr. Liddle chose National for its outstanding reputation and rigorous medical education that provides graduates with the ability to work effectively with other healthcare professionals such as MDs, DOs, NDs and more allowing graduates to speak the same language as those in other healthcare fields.  Dr. Liddle sees this as a distinct advantage so that he may provide a patient-centered and integrative approach to your care across multiple healthcare fields. 

Our Practice: More than Four Decades in Volusia County    
Dr. Liddle has has provided quality care and wellness options to hundreds of thousands of patients during his forty-two year career.  His balanced and technical approach will put any individual at ease who is unfamiliar with chiropractic care.  He works closely with seasoned medical and healthcare professionals to provide a comprehensive and well rounded approach to recovery and wellbeing for his patients.  This includes working with medical doctors such as orthopedics, or using alternative medicine and mediums such as massage therapy and physical therapy to achieve maximum results.  

In Our Community:  Giving Back to Edgewater and New Smyrna Beach 
In addition to his professional experience Dr. Liddle is dedicated to his community and has served on various professional chiropractic boards and community organizations in his four decades of living in Volusia County.  He is a twenty-five-year member of Rotary International and has served as President of the Edgewater Chapter as a double Paul Harris Fellow. In his spare time he continues to spearhead community projects that benefit the city. 

Office Manager

Marquetta Liddle has more than twenty years of experience in the professional arena as has served as the office manager at Liddle Chiropractic for more than 16 years.  Ms. Liddle moved to Florida from Ohio in her early teens and possessed a passion for nutrition and wellness.  Upon graduation from high school she worked in various professional markets strengthening her customer service and managerial skills.  Due to office restructuring in early 1990s Marquetta accepted the position to work closely with management at the family practice overseeing the daily operations of the office.  In addition, she coordinates patient health initiatives, nutritional sales and care management through ultrasound and electrical stimulation at the Edgewater office.